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Time Traveler

by The Bigness

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Liars 02:55
I was a stubborn storm Tapping at your window, child You won’t be a child anymore I was a siren song Didn’t make the man But, sure—I killed the boy on that shore You were as green as could be So green and down on your knees Now you’re the beast life made you, dear I was a whisper “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Now quiet all those fantasies of yours.” I was a ticking clock Go faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, do more Some of us are lions Some of us just lie
Dressed in the fashion of the time Our fantasies cut down to size We plot a fast and sweet egress Our hearts beat hard against our chest We’ll get away from you Johnny and I Escaping to a world where We ride on together Now’s the time to feel alive No more second guessing No more compromise Running out of time And I’ve only just made you mine Running from the thought that when we die It’s a list of regrets that’ll steal the light from our eyes So let’s go Run! Run!
The sweetest lullaby A room of happy people Laughing, swearing, and I was born to listen Time travel’s not so hard I float through past and future Sitting on my bedroom floor, just looking Oh, we had a beautiful life Grieve for ventures not yet taken Search for words we could have said Mourn the moments, gone like sun on a winter’s day Oh, we had a beautiful life Let go, we have a beautiful life We will stitch together all that we remember We’re still weaving tonight And it’ll keep us warm and dry ‘til the day we die
Desert Eyes 04:15
Daddy, bring your car in from the rain Momma, shield your flowers from the storm Johnny’s talking politics with Kerry And I’m a doe-eyed child gazing across the landscape of my lives I watch the tides rise in the black night I wake up with desert eyes It’s been a long time since you’ve seen me smile, my love Hey, diddle diddle, I am living in the middle And the cow just caught a ride, just to see the other side Oh, lovely bovine, won’t you write from paradise? Daddy, tell me everything’s okay Momma, sing another happy song Build us up to heights we cannot handle But who will put us back together When we’re broken in the streets? Hey, little lady, are you tired of jumping around? All those lives that synthesize have you high up off the ground Oh silly child, you want it all, but you got it bad
Lead Weights 02:54
I’m tying lead weights to my feet tonight Cause I’m tired of all these blue balloons That pull me to the clouds And when the string’s not strong enough, I fall back down So I’m tying lead weights to my feet tonight I’m locking shackles around my ribs tonight Cause these bones have done a lousy job protecting what’s inside And no, my heart’s not strong enough to hold its own So I’m locking shackles around my ribs tonight I’ll sing a bandage for my wounds tonight I let you see my battle scars, but you won’t show me yours And baby you weren’t strong enough, I didn’t know Baby you’re not strong enough, but now I know
Be it bullets or from the roof I knew we’d never have the truth The dog’s been hiding since he heard the sound And I’ve been hiding since the demons laid waste to your house But if it’s alright that we looked away Then it’s alright that you gave in Too anxious to speak, too drunk to care Your voice hangs stagnant in the air The anger and worry starts to wear us down While the space between appearances expands Who can tell if you’re at peace now? I never read your note anyhow Traffic slows down but we get through Angels will sing but not for you My only wish is that you were still here I wouldn’t lose my strength again and try to push you out
Blackwater 04:44
I was floating down a river, or was it floating up to me If I get real drunk and I fall asleep, would I wake up out at sea? I was standing in the water, I was screaming at the lightning When a young girl came and she passed me by She said, “Boy, why are you so frightening?” Too busy to look for shelter, we just laughed aloud instead Seasick smiles on our faces, just there I might have lost my head We were just too high to be afraid, and the rain was so damn lovely I wasn’t praying for my death that day I was praying for electricity, man There was an Indian princess and an emaciated Civil War soldier There was a grown man wearing a little girl’s dress The world was cold, but the water was colder I’m not asking for that much, I think So just smile and look my way The Blackwater and the summer beer Just came and washed all my worries away
I lie awake in early hours shuffling pieces around, over and over I comb the hills for days wondering how to get back home While there’s still sun, while we’re still young Called my doctor, told him, “Doc, I’m scared I’m fading out. It’s dark where I’ve been living.” He said, “Nurse, get in here now.” “Get her a pill, get her a bill, and get her out.” No one ever taught us to breathe deeply No one ever taught us how to breathe No one ever taught us to breathe deeply And I catch myself trying now, to learn how I lie awake when it’s too quiet, am I dying? My whole body’s buzzing I fight this chatter, fists out, crouched down, boots bound, Fresh round, but I’m tired of the battle There’s a calm I’ve been chasing There’s a lie I’ve been told There’s a truth in your face, dear, I’ll hold onto
I waited for a snowy day in February, two weeks late To show my face, I guess I only fire at my own will And then I grew up like most children do Make Daddy proud, and Momma too But all those perfect marks in school meant little when, one day I flew And I learned expectations are infections we fall victim to And I learned not to be afraid of what our bodies do when I found you I woke up this morning ready to fight But these voices won’t stop—and the loudest, my own So I point my five fingers into the unknown Won’t surrender my smile, won’t concede to the foe But I’m praying for someone to yell through the dawn: “Everybody is free, you are free from your bonds Come out, come out prisoners, wherever you are Come out, come out children, wherever you are” And I learned there are certain cuts that you can’t stick a bandage to Accept defeat, yeah let it bleed, and take a shot of modesty And I learned that the world will never stop taking from me So I’ll keep a little for myself and call it even


released September 16, 2016

All songs written and performed by The Bigness:
Kristin Bigness
John Bueno
David Kovach
Stephen Maurer

Recorded at Uniform Recording, Philadelphia PA and Studio B, East Stroudsburg PA
Engineered and mixed by Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording, Philadelphia PA
Produced by The Bigness and Jeff Zeigler
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Philadelphia PA
Illustration and Art Direction by Robb Leef
Design by Kristin Bigness
Photography by John Bueno
©2016 The Bigness


all rights reserved



The Bigness Ithaca, New York

Indie pop/rock. Currently in Ithaca, NY. Roots in Philly, PA. Kristin Bigness, John Bueno, David Kovach, Kevin Brosky.

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